Saturday, 24 October 2015

Stock Review – AJIYA (7609) - 2 (AJIYA BERHAD)

Bursa Malaysia - 7609
Bloomberg - AJY:MK
Yahoo - 7609 .kl
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Income Statement

According to the 3Q quarterly report the profit before tax for these quarter and 9 months cumulative is higher compared to previous year. Although there is a slight increase in long term borrowing, however the slight increase compared to last year audited report in long term borrowing is able to cover by the increase of cash and equivalent.

Although there is an increase of net asset per share from 3.74 (audited annual report) to 4.01 (3Q),  total liability is reduce from RM106,024,000 to RM 102,486,000 which means that AJIYA is not borrowing extra money to increase their asset.

The net cash flow from operation also increase from RM 11,578,000 (3Q 2014) to RM 27,178,000 (3Q 2015). There is almost 134 % increase. This is mainly cause by the depreciation of Ringgit Malaysia.


  • Higher profit before tax
  • Increase of net asset per share while the total liability is reducing.
  • Almost 134% increase of operating cash flow from 3Q 2014.

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