Sunday, 15 October 2017

Stock Review – FAVCO (7229) (FAVELLE FAVCO BHD)

Bursa Malaysia - 7229
Bloomberg - FFB:MK
Yahoo - 7229 .kl
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Company Profile

FAVCO comprise of two international brands, Favelle Favco and Kroll. FAVCO focus on cranes products such as Tower Cranes, Offshore Cranes, Crawler Cranes and Wharf Cranes. FAVCO engaged in designing, manufacturing, supply, servicing, trading and renting of cranes.

FAVCO has seven operating facilities which are Malaysia, Australia, Denmark, USA, China, Singapore and UAE.

Geographical Segments :

FAVCO only split into two geographical segments:

1) Inside Malaysia – 48.47% of 2016 revenue
2) Outside Malaysia – 51.53% of 2016 revenue

Financial Statement

From 2016 Annual Report, FAVCO intangible asset had decrease from RM 1,273,000 in 2015 to RM 323,000 in 2016. From contract work in progress and inventories in 2016, FAVCO is expecting a decrease a sales in near future compared to the 2016.

Of the RM 366,837,000 of cash and cash equivalents, only 30.42% of the cash is kept as cash and bank balance compared to 87.42% in 2015. These might indicated that management might not want to use the money in the near future. Besides that, the fixed deposit in bank is at lower rate in 2016 (0.76% - 1.70% per annum) compared to 3.25% per annum in 2015.

è Intangible asset had reduce by 74.62%

è Decrease in contract work in progress and inventories for the year 2016.
è Large cash place in short term investment and fixed deposit which had low interest rate.

FAVCO had reduces it borrowing from RM 64,011,000 in 2015 to 26,043,000 in 2016. These had brought the interest coverage ratio for 2016 increase to 29.32 from 13.85 (in 2015).

è FAVCO borrowing had reduce by 59.31%
è FAVCO interest coverage rato have increase by 111.70%.

Dividend and Bonus Issued for the past five year

FAVCO had constant dividend for the past five year from 2012 – 2016 with the average dividend of RM 0.102 with the dividend yield of 3.6 %. Besides that in the past 5 years, FAVCO had constantly increase it dividend pay to investors.

è FAVCO had average dividend yield of 3.6 % over the 5 year period which is higher than fix deposit
è FAVCO had constantly increase it dividend pay to investor.

New Issue of Securities

FAVCO had implemented new share up to 10% of the total issued shares for eligible directors and employees.

è New shares insurance to directors and employees would dilute the share of FAVCO

Market Research

Price Target : 2.92
  • FACVO intends to acquired 70 % stake in:

a)    Exact Automation Sdn Bhd
Providing integrated industrial automation solution of plant instrumentation and maintenance services.
b)   Sedia Teguh Sdn Bhd
Trading of specialised equipment in oil and gasindustry.
c)    Exact AnalyticalSdn Bhd
Providing related engineering services
d)   Exact Oil & Gas Sdn Bhd
Trading and engineering of specialise item used in oil and gas industry. Awards license from PETRONAS.

Price Target : 2.92
  •   Lower cost of sales and lower tax rate
  • Decreasing orderbook

Price Target : 2.92
  • Decline in demand for offshore cranes is cushions by increasing demand in tower cranes
  • Should there any M&A exercises which involves cash, lower dividend payout ratio might be expected.